When Roar Ultras Besiktas Make Leipzig Striker Headache

When Roar Ultras Besiktas Make Leipzig Striker Headache

Timo Werner had to be replaced when RB Leipzig was defeated by Besiktas on the second matchday of the Champions League Agen Judi. He was forced to be pulled out because Besiktas ultras noise in the stadium made him feel dizzy.

Leipzig suffered a 2-0 defeat of Turkish representatives in a match held Wednesday (27/9) early morning hrs. The atmosphere that makes sore ears inside Vodafone Arena plays an important role in the success of the host.

Werner was forced to pull out at minute 32 in Istanbul. The German attacker asked Leipzig’s own management to be replaced. The reason for appearing Werner using earplugs.

He felt the discomfort that made him unfocused to continue the fight.

Quoted from CapaMag Spor, he said: “I have never seen such an atmosphere in my life, I can not focus on this match,”

“I asked for some earplugs and that did not help at all, I’m still not feeling well.”

Leipzig left behind so quickly when the game entered the 11th minute, and after that they could not get up. Increasingly slumped by a second-half comeback, leaving Die RotenBullen to the inaugural defeat of Group G.

Leipzig’s tactician Ralph Hasenhuttl said about the atmosphere of the Besiktas stadium, “He (Werner) asked to be replaced so I pulled him out,”

“It’s impossible to prepare your team for this atmosphere. There was a noise that made the ears sore and at the beginning of our game a little carried away, ”

“We were not so good in the first 20 minutes, but that’s a lesson for all of us, I see who I can rely on at times like this. This is a lesson for us to learn and we continue to learn, ”

“In the second half, my players stepped forward and had many chances but that was not enough, I congratulated Besiktas and they got a decent win.” Lid Hasenhuttl. (Source: Sportskeeda)

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