What Chelsea Should Do To Keep The English League Title According to Cahill

What Chelsea Should Do To Keep The English League Title According to Cahill

Gary Cahill asks Chelsea to continue to show their character a44bet.com. That will be the key to going through hard times in an effort to retain the English Premier League title this season.

The Blues, who lost in the opening match of Burnley’s cons, earned some resurgence momentum afterwards before they finally crashed in the face of Manchester City in late September.

They lost 1-0 to The Citizens, then the following week they regained a painful defeat on team Crystal Palace with a score of 2-1. Not yet out of the tough times, the Blues still have not tasted victory after being held to a draw Roma in the Champions League despite leading 2-0 first.

After three storms victory, Chelsea finally ended the bad trend with a dramatic 4-2 victory over Watford at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (21/10/2017). Cahill was delighted with the unyielding character his team showed.

An additional three points over The Hornets, making the Blues return to the top four by packing 16 points. They are still nine points behind leaders Manchester City.

Bad results degrade the mood of the player

He said that the unyielding character like Watford’s counter action became their key to restore the best performance that had disappeared.

“It’s easy to play football when things go smoothly and you win back-to-back, win, and win games. It’s the best feeling, “the captain said.

“You can compete and express yourself. You feel like you will not make mistakes. ”

“The hardest thing is when things do not work properly and you have an obligation to do that and achieve good results. Obviously this moment became one of them, that’s why the result of Watford contra match is very good, ”

“When you’re in a tough moment, the mood will obviously go down because everyone will feel disappointed and they want to win.”

Consistency lifts the players mentally

Cahill also believe what his team experienced as well as ever experienced by other big teams.

“For me, this is not just the situation here, or this team, I would guess that this is the same for other big clubs,” he added.

“When things do not go well, everyone comes to the gym, passionate and interspersed with the jokes and enjoys it. If you can not do it, it’s not a good feeling, because the level of expectation is winning. It’s natural, ”

“That’s why there’s no better feeling than getting a win and then getting a bit of consistency. Consistency, win over and over again. All of a sudden, you will note that it will lift your morale, ”

“But right now, when you go to a game with behind two defeats you can feel very heavy, so it is about the character and we have shown it in the game against Watford.” (Source: Goal)

Author: Maulana Habibi / Editor: Rudi Purwantoro

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