Carlos Bacca: I’m Going from AC Milan with Upright Head

Carlos Bacca: I’m Going from AC Milan with Upright Head

The former AC Milan striker, Carlos Bacca, still keeps the unfortunate memories for two seasons of strengthening the Italian League side.

Carlos Bacca comes to AC Milan from Sevilla in 2015.

He then scored 34 goals in two seasons and brought AC Milan to the Italian Super Cup and lead AC Milan to sixth in the Italian league.

These results are enough to bring the Rossoneri qualify for the Europa League 2017-2018 season.

Bacca then leave to Villareal at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season.

After all, the Colombian striker was not completely happy while still in AC Milan.

“My career at AC Milan is mediocre, and my goals are important,” Bacca said.

For Bacca, the quality of the squad when he was at San Siro was very bad.

“AC Milan could have been better, but the board of directors should also help,” said Bacca.

According to 31-year-old players, AC Milan’s board of directors often do not help the development of the team.

“I’m in the worst Milan squad in history, club president Silvio Berlusconi wants to sell the club after 30 years, there’s a lot of disagreements with the coach but I’m going with my head upright.”

He also left AC Milan without regret.

“I am glad that Milan is back in Europe, that’s my goal before moving on,” Bacca said.

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