Cage Sriwijaya FC Use Grass World-Class Stadium

Cage Sriwijaya FC Use Grass World-Class Stadium

The renovation of Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium, Palembang, which is the home base of Sriwijaya FC, has been started. In fact, Laskar Wong Kito is not training at the stadium. Scheduled, Sriwijaya FC will use Bumi Sriwijaya Madya Stadium until the end of the season.

As is known, Gelora Sriwijaya must be renovated because it will be the main venue of the Asian Games XVIII 2018. Head of South Sumatra Works Agency Cipta Karya Basyarudin Akhmad said the renovation process is quite time consuming. However, it aims to finish next November.

Since Monday (18/09/2017), the contractor has dredged the grass with an excavator. Part of the wall that has been done before repainting done more extends to the northern and southern tribunes. While in the main stand and the top west has been done seat adjustment.

“Although the renovation will not change the original shape, there are some rooms in the stands raised and the addition of seats,” said Basyarudin Akhmad to, Wednesday (20/09/2017).

“The most change is part of the field because we will replace it with Zoysia Matrella grass,” he added.

Basyar added, the stadium ever so opening closing ceremony SEA Games 2011 it was already properly updated. Especially grass whose quality is no longer feasible. About the reason for choosing Zoysia Matrella grass, because grass origin Manila, Philippines, it is most recommended and widely used world-renowned stadium.

In fact, Gelora Bung Karno Stadium which is now in the stage of renovation also use the grass that is often called Manila grass. “The grass will indeed be replaced because it is recommended Zoysia Matrella grass, let alone many world-class stadiums like the Allianz Arena Stadium which became the headquarters of Bayern Munich also wear Manila grass,” he concluded.

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