Angel Gomes signs contract with United Man

Angel Gomes signs contract with United Man

Manchester United have confirmed that their talented teenager Angel Gomes has signed a new contract.

The 17-year-old from Salford has drawn attention as a creative midfielder and has been able to become part of United’s senior squad and Premier League.

He made his debut in his first team in last season’s game, replacing Wayne Rooney against Crystal Palace to become the club’s youngest debutant since Duncan Edwards and his first born since 2000 to play at the top.

Red Devils themselves are pleased with the presence of Gomez and the player is targeting more chances to appear on the club’s first team in the future.

Gomes told the club’s website: “It’s amazing and something I look forward to because I finally got the deal, it means a lot to me and my family.”

“It’s great to be at a club like Man United.”

United coach Jose Mourinho has hinted he will promote young people next season to continue the proud academy tradition.

City Player, Sinan Bytyqi Must Retire Early

City Player, Sinan Bytyqi Must Retire Early

Manchester City youngster who is the future prospect of City that is Sinan Bytyqi, reportedly forced to retire early because of heart problems

The 22-year-old player has a disease in which some heart muscle is enlarged to create functional damage to the heart.

It is also the leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes.

Bytyqi said: “They say if I keep playing, maybe my heart can stop working.”

He then made the decision to retire, before City offered him a chance to loan players.

The player was grateful to play in City: “I have to thank them for giving me a chance. I’m very lucky. “

Barzagli: Italy Must Replicate Germany and Belgium

Barzagli: Italy Must Replicate Germany and Belgium

Andrea Barzagli asked the Italian Football Federation to emulate Germany and Belgium steps in the development of young players

Where, Juventus defender judge the failure factor of Italy qualify for the World Cup lantara did not have talented young players and very different from the two countries mentioned earlier.

Noted names such as Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini able to become a new star when appearing at the club and team level.

“Italy needs a long-term project for the next ten years. It is impossible to think that the Italian team can win the European Cup in two years, “Barzagli told local media.

“We need to start everything from birthday and foster young players like Germany and Belgium do. For this matter can not be formed only in one year peride. “

Klopp: Coutinho Will Absent Face West Ham

Klopp: Coutinho Will Absent Face West Ham

Liverpool tactician Jurgen Klopp said Philippe Coutinho would have a great chance of returning to West Ham United in the 11th week of the English Premier League

The absence of the Brazilian national team retainer, due to still suffered an injury and after a 3-0 victory over Maribor on Thursday morning Phil has not shown to fit.

However, for Dejan Lovren who previously experienced a thigh injury, on the weekend will have a great chance to perform in London stadium to face Joe Hart Cs.

“I do not think Phil can play, but with Dejan we have to see him,” Jurgen Klopp told the media.

“Unlike Dejan. It’s not the same problem with Phil and he’s not that long, but Gini is certainly absent, so maybe there will be a miracle or something like this and Phil too.

“But I do not think at that moment he can play.”

Vertonghen: I Will not Swap Kane With Ronaldo

Vertonghen: I Will not Swap Kane With Ronaldo

Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen insists he will not swap Harry Kane with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Real Madrid star has a reputation as one of the sharpest strikers in Europe, and although Vertonghen is impressed with Ronaldo’s game, he admits that he still will not swap Harry Kane with the star.

“They are obviously two outstanding players,” the Belgian replied when asked about Kane and Ronaldo.

“Ronaldo has his own qualities, and Kane also has it. We must honor Ronaldo, for the achievements he has gained in recent years. What he does, and the level of play he still performs. ”

“It’s hard for me to compare, because they both have different types. But to me, Harry is one of the best nine back numbers in Europe.

“Probably the best, so for now, I will not swap Harry with any players.”

Rodriguez Wants Champions League and Serie A Wins

Rodriguez Wants Champions League and Serie A Wins

AC Milan defender Ricardo Rodriguez has the dream of winning the Champions League competition, and he also admits if Italian football is not as easy as he imagines.

Rodriguez is one of several players who brought the Rossoneri. Despite the fact Vincenzo Montella’s squad started the season slowly, the former left-back Wolfsburg still set a high standard.

“Football is very important to me, it’s like a combination of passion and love, and it’s very important to be able to move on.”

“My dreams? obviously I want to win the Champions League competition. Sometimes I think about how beautiful it can be to reach the cup. ”

“I’m also dreaming of winning the World Cup. I know it’s not an easy thing, but never say no. ”

He has been in the squad for the Swiss national team since 2011. Rodriguez then went on to talk about Serie A.

“Football Serie A That’s very difficult. There are many organized and compact teams in Italy, very different from the Bundesliga. ”

“However, I held the most difficult training in Germany. Arriving at Wolfsburg, I met Magath, who is in a very tough coach, and works very hard. “

What Chelsea Should Do To Keep The English League Title According to Cahill

What Chelsea Should Do To Keep The English League Title According to Cahill

Gary Cahill asks Chelsea to continue to show their character That will be the key to going through hard times in an effort to retain the English Premier League title this season.

The Blues, who lost in the opening match of Burnley’s cons, earned some resurgence momentum afterwards before they finally crashed in the face of Manchester City in late September.

They lost 1-0 to The Citizens, then the following week they regained a painful defeat on team Crystal Palace with a score of 2-1. Not yet out of the tough times, the Blues still have not tasted victory after being held to a draw Roma in the Champions League despite leading 2-0 first.

After three storms victory, Chelsea finally ended the bad trend with a dramatic 4-2 victory over Watford at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (21/10/2017). Cahill was delighted with the unyielding character his team showed.

An additional three points over The Hornets, making the Blues return to the top four by packing 16 points. They are still nine points behind leaders Manchester City.

Bad results degrade the mood of the player

He said that the unyielding character like Watford’s counter action became their key to restore the best performance that had disappeared.

“It’s easy to play football when things go smoothly and you win back-to-back, win, and win games. It’s the best feeling, “the captain said.

“You can compete and express yourself. You feel like you will not make mistakes. ”

“The hardest thing is when things do not work properly and you have an obligation to do that and achieve good results. Obviously this moment became one of them, that’s why the result of Watford contra match is very good, ”

“When you’re in a tough moment, the mood will obviously go down because everyone will feel disappointed and they want to win.”

Consistency lifts the players mentally

Cahill also believe what his team experienced as well as ever experienced by other big teams.

“For me, this is not just the situation here, or this team, I would guess that this is the same for other big clubs,” he added.

“When things do not go well, everyone comes to the gym, passionate and interspersed with the jokes and enjoys it. If you can not do it, it’s not a good feeling, because the level of expectation is winning. It’s natural, ”

“That’s why there’s no better feeling than getting a win and then getting a bit of consistency. Consistency, win over and over again. All of a sudden, you will note that it will lift your morale, ”

“But right now, when you go to a game with behind two defeats you can feel very heavy, so it is about the character and we have shown it in the game against Watford.” (Source: Goal)

Author: Maulana Habibi / Editor: Rudi Purwantoro

Carlos Bacca: I’m Going from AC Milan with Upright Head

Carlos Bacca: I’m Going from AC Milan with Upright Head

The former AC Milan striker, Carlos Bacca, still keeps the unfortunate memories for two seasons of strengthening the Italian League side.

Carlos Bacca comes to AC Milan from Sevilla in 2015.

He then scored 34 goals in two seasons and brought AC Milan to the Italian Super Cup and lead AC Milan to sixth in the Italian league.

These results are enough to bring the Rossoneri qualify for the Europa League 2017-2018 season.

Bacca then leave to Villareal at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season.

After all, the Colombian striker was not completely happy while still in AC Milan.

“My career at AC Milan is mediocre, and my goals are important,” Bacca said.

For Bacca, the quality of the squad when he was at San Siro was very bad.

“AC Milan could have been better, but the board of directors should also help,” said Bacca.

According to 31-year-old players, AC Milan’s board of directors often do not help the development of the team.

“I’m in the worst Milan squad in history, club president Silvio Berlusconi wants to sell the club after 30 years, there’s a lot of disagreements with the coach but I’m going with my head upright.”

He also left AC Milan without regret.

“I am glad that Milan is back in Europe, that’s my goal before moving on,” Bacca said.

Conte Lift Talk Over Chelsea’s defeat

Conte Lift Talk Over Chelsea’s defeat

After a 2-1 deficit against Crystal Palace, team coach Antonio Conte blamed his team’s defeat as the main pillar suffered an injury.

The match that took place at Selhurst Park, the Blues was not reinforced by the names like Alvaro Morata and also N’Golo Kante. Even more complete defeat after Victor Moses should be pulled out the article suffered injury.

So that unsatisfactory result makes the West London club failed to penetrate the top four and Conte admitted since the early minutes when against Wilfred Zaha Cs his team did look very bad. Even so but the Italian coach requested that the next dilaga The Blues should appear aggressive especially against Roma in the Champions League continued this week.

“To allow this match without three important players, this is not a simple thing,” Kata said

“Today is not simple, I think we started the game very bad and very difficult, also we need to understand the situation and keep trying to find the right solution despite injury.

“It is a big loss for us but we have to accept the situation and try to do our best, we must prepare for the next game against Roma in the Champions League. We have to play from one game to the next. This season will be very sulut in all aspects.

“We have to focus from game to game and try to do our best. At the end of the season we will see what will happen. It is important for us to understand that we are trying to build something important for the future.

“We’ve changed a lot. The only word I know under these circumstances is that we have to work, work, work. ”

While the Chelsea players are still pulled up and until now has not played the Danny Drinkwater where the retainer of the England national team who brought to Stamford Bridge in the transfer market this summer is still injured.

But Conte recently confirmed Danny is getting better and is expected in the near future to recover completely.

The Expense of Time To Barcelona Claimed To Be One Of The Factors Of Influence Dembele Injury

The Expense of Time To Barcelona Claimed To Be One Of The Factors Of Influence Dembele Injury

Ousmane Dembele’s hamstring injury forced him to rest for four months, perhaps due to the stress of his transfer record to Barcelona, ​​according to doctors handling the healing process

Dembele enjoy the beginnings of his new life in a uniform Barca in two games only. He has just arrived at Camp Nou from Borussia Dortmund with a tough transfer process, and money worth 105 million euros into an agreement between the two camps for Dembele.

But the 20-year-old winger had to step aside and swallow a bitter pill on his debut in La Liga, after suffering an injury when Azulgrana won 2-1 at Getafe. Dembele tried to do a back-heel trick near the corner of the field in the first half, and after that he immediately fell because he felt pain in the muscle of his thigh.

Later reports confirmed that he would not play again until January, although he recently said his social media could return before the forecast. Dr. Sakari Orava, someone skilled in the field of muscle, keeps track of her progress. He still wants Dembele to be fit again on the first target, and not forcing it to recover soon.

“For now, the healing process goes well,” said Orava as quoted from Mundo Deportivo.

“I am in permanent communication with Dr. Pruna, who was responsible for sending me a laopran about the controls performed for Dembele, and for now everything is true, ”

“He’s like most other boys of the same age, very optimistic, but better be cautious (in terms of rehabilitation),”

“Maybe it was the juvenile mischief not to say that he was uncomfortable in that area before. The pressure he faces after his transfer to the club can also affect his injury, “he concluded.

Four games have been passed by Barca without Dembele, but in fact they are not affected at all. Given the squad that is now nurtured Ernesto Valverde successfully won the fourth game with a victory.

Catalan giants even lead the standings of La Liga with the perfect points incision, 21 points from seven games already dilakoni. They leave Real Madrid as their fifth enemy who is ranked fifth, with a difference of seven points. (Source: Marca)